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Forehead Reduction


A forehead reduction surgery is a cosmetic procedure that is commonly performed to alter the height of the forehead or lower the hairline. There is a variety of factors that can lead to a larger forehead, these including hair loss, genetics, injuries, and previous surgeries. By reducing the height of your forehead, we can restore you back to a proportional and elegant look.

An overview of the procedure

Procedure Time

2 – 3 hours

Full Recovery

2 weeks

Return to Work

2 weeks


£5,000 (fixed)

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a forehead reduction work?

After numbing the forehead, an incision is made at the hairline and on the forehead. The length between these two incisions is determined prior to the surgery in your consultation. The skin excess is removed, and the two ends are stitched together which leads to the hairline moving forward and the forehead becoming smaller. The scar is mostly hidden at the hairline which makes it less visible upon hair regrowth.

Is the procedure safe?

At Signature Clinics, we perform forehead reduction under local anaesthesia. The procedure is very safe as long as performed by highly trained plastic surgeons. After the procedure, the patients are able to go back home immediately.

What makes a good candidate for a forehead reduction?

Forehead reduction is generally used to balance the proportions of one’s overall facial structure. You might be a good candidate for forehead reduction surgery if you have:

  • Large forehead which you wish to shorten
  • Recently had a brow lift procedure
  • Wish to bring your hairline forward/lower
  • Low or heavy eyebrows
  • Want to change the proportions of your face


It is important to remember that these criteria do not automatically make someone suitable for the treatment. In order to have good results, it is critical to have good scalp laxity. Unfortunately, having a family history of pattern balding may exclude you from the procedure.

What aftercare is provided?

We provide every patient with complimentary out-of-hours aftercare. Our patient promise is to be at the clinic within 60 minutes of your emergency if necessary.