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Prominent Ear Correction

Otoplasty / Pinnaplasty
Otoplasty is a procedure aiming to reduce prominent ears. It is a very fast and safe procedure that is comfortably performed under local anaesthesia.

An overview of the procedure

Procedure Time

1 – 2 hours

Full Recovery

2 – 4 weeks

Return to Work

3 days


£3,200 (fixed)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Otoplasty?

Prominent ear correction also known as an Otoplasty, Pinnaplasty, or cosmetic ear surgery, is a very common facial plastic surgery procedure. The procedure is performed to correct protruding ears, which may first become apparent in the first few years of life. In fact, psychologists have found that the physical appearance of the ears can have a strong impact on the patients’ self-esteem, self-image and can negatively affect ones social and professional life. Occasionally, children may develop only one protruding ear or a floppy ear, commonly called “lop ear.”

What can I acheive with Prominent Ear Correction?

  • Correction of uneven or asymmetric ears
  • Reducing the prominence of the ears
  • Diminish protruding ears, and contouring helical and antihelical folds

Will I have visible scars?

Fortunately, the incisions are hidden behind the ear.

What should I expect postoperatively?

Commonly there is little pain or bruising involved. It takes one to two weeks for most of the swelling to subside, although the area may be sensitive for three weeks. The pressure dressing is removed after five to seven days. Ears may feel numb for the first two to three months after the surgery, and the sensation will return slowly with time.